LETTER: Maunakea Has Turned Into Civil War

"Government is the failure that has caused dividing among all of us..."
August 14, 2019

LETTER: Thirty Meter Telescope Impasse

"We are a country of laws, which the state and county of Hawaii are failing to uphold. The Thirty Meter Telescope, along with all the lawful summit activities, are being held hostage."
August 12, 2019

LETTER: Learn From Our History & Give TMT a Chance

"If we are going to "Kapu Aloha" then that means to "Kapu Aloha" everyone in the community, not just the ones that are in support of the Mauna."
August 09, 2019

LETTER: Racism in America

"Why is racism only unacceptable if it is being demonstrated by white people."
August 09, 2019

LETTER: ‘Who Am I to Make Comment?’

"So who am I to make such a comment you ask? First and most importantly, I am a citizen of the United States of America that is exercising her right to Freedom of Speech."
August 08, 2019

LETTER: ‘Trump’s Embrace of White Supremacy is Poisoning America’s Soul’

"Although at this juncture enacting gun control laws remains critically important, they are not enough to remedy the damage that Trump has done to America."
August 06, 2019

LETTER: To Mauna Kea Protestors & Hawaiians Seeking Sovereignty

"Kindly return your SS card to the government so they can stop issuing you you’re social security checks, food stamps, welfare checks, hud housing..."
August 06, 2019

LETTER: Kent State & the Aloha State—A Cautionary Tale

May 4, 1970: We should remember this date.
July 31, 2019

LETTER: Same Subject, Different Worlds

"I hear protestors speaking of desecrations and a line in the sand while supporters speak of a few rowdy malcontents obstructing the good of all mankind."
July 27, 2019

LETTER: 3rd Party Should Mediate TMT Protest

"A third party should be brought in to help mediate the ongoing dispute between the State of Hawaii/TMT and protesters blocking Mauna Kea Access Road."
July 25, 2019