About our Ads

Big Island Now is advertiser supported, with no subscription fees charged to our readers. In order to sustain our commitment to informing the local Big Island community of pertinent news, we utilize various ad networks. These networks include Google Adsense, Revcontent, and locally-based in-house ads.

While we prioritize serving ads that support the local Big Island business community, the realities of COVID-19’s effects on our economy have required us to offset losses by opening our platforms to larger ad networks. With that, a portion of the ads served are at the discretion of Google and Revcontent.

Big Island Now does not endorse any specific ads, nor do we discriminate based on political views or affiliation. We appreciate your understanding as we continue to offer our services to the Big Island community.

If you are interested in advertising with us, please contact [email protected].

We also offer a free local business directory, where you can let the Big Island community know about your services. Post your listing here.

Mahalo for your readership!